Joycare JC-490 JC-490 Ultrasonic humidifier

1. Water Tank Handle
2. Mist Nozzle
3. Water Tank
4. On/Off Switch
5. Tank Filling Cap
6. Unit Base
7. Unit Operation Indicator / Relaxing Night Light
8. Empty Tank Indicator
9. Mist Intensity Regulation Handle

Operating Instructions:

Remove the water tank from the base and turn it upside down. Turn the tank filling cap counter clockwise to remove it. Fill the tank with clean, cool, tap water or distilled water and screw the cap firmly. Place the water tank back on the unit base and allow a few minutes for the water to fill the reservoir.

Note: Very cold water may temporarily reduce the output; hot water can damage the ultrasonic nebulizer.

Always position the unit on a flat stable surface. Plug the unit and turn it on with the switch positioned on the back. The unit operation indicator light turns on, indicating that the humidifier is working. To set the mist intensity, turn the handle from left to right. When the humidifier is working it is important to keep the room door open. When the unit is working with a full tank and maximum mist intensity, it has an operating duration of about 12 hours. When the water level is too low, the unit turns off automatically and the empty tank indicator switches on.

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